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Pressure washer for laser machine... - simon_clark

Should we get a pressure washer to clean the laser grid? Canadian Tire has an electric version on sale for $350, that many members do not recommend (Simonize platinum is supposedly better). CostCo also has version (Karshner?) that is not recommended, but has a decent warrant so can be replaced when it inevitably fails. Chris Zimmerman authorized to purchase one on Diyode's behalf.

UoG Raspberry Pi Update - Diyode-Quassel_

Now only two weeks away. We have a week to order from CanaKit. CanaKit will handle the warranty plus tech support. They are also willing to swap unsold inventory for updated (i.e.: pi4) if needed. Case qty is 40. They also have a premium version, that includes basic electronic components and a book. Order 360 basic, 20 premium, ASAP. From a time perspective, sprout/beanstream looks like our most practical payment processor. Diyode will rent a terminal, and Ken will *ahem* source a compatible printer. With square as a backup.

Next tool purchase. - Diyode-Quassel_

The next capital tool purchase will likely be a Tormach 3 axis CNC or a 150 watt metal cutting laser. Straw poll suggests the laser is the most desired tool. If you have an opinion, find a board member and rant at them :D

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