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Light bulbs and soldering stations and other crap - simonclark_thr

Historically we have bought a fair bit of stuff from Alli-express in China. They have a big sale coming up. - LED spot lights ? - soldering stations (we have 1 good one, 4 mediums from spark fun). Simon would like us to buy 4, Eva says 6. Simon to buy 5 more 'good ones.'

dream payments. 100$ capital to accept debit payments. Anyone know something better? - TwoJames

Jamie is interested in Dream Payments. We will research more

liam says he never gets any thanks for anything - Diyode-Quassel

Liam gets a round of thanks....

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Network rewire in 2016 ?
This friday is Waverly school. 6 to 8.
Saturday ... Library 10 - 4.

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