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Bridgeport mill - Eva Bodahelyi

Mark suggests finding the person that can get it to the repair place. Minimum 4 hour fee at $90 an hour. full service place in Mississauga. Reconditioned head would be about $4,000 We had a new motor installed several years ago. It will be removed, and then it will go. verdi Colin and Mark will help remove it. Colin may be able to lend his engine lift. we need a few extra 2 X 4s to be able to make a carrying device.

door open April 27th - Eva Bodahelyi

Mark We have been accepted for the 27th for this city wide tour We need about 12 people for tours of groups of 6 people at a time. 10 - 4 We need to clean the shop. Teams to organize the four or 5 areas to clean up. Team leaders will organize people and times. Likely the wood shop last, as it is the most used at the moment The monday before there will be a heads up about not starting large projects, Demos on the date would be good This Saturday will be a time to organize people and start the work. We want the shop to be a place to attract more members. It would be great to have the shop looking their best.

Updates metal shop - Eva Bodahelyi

Verdi still a disaster. he asked for help, some work has been completed. There are shelves and tables needed to help organize the shop. Don mentioned that he has shelvinjg. The brake can be moved to the main room because it's a clean tool Verdi will look at the layout for the shop and make it so that the tools make sense Verdi is looking for wall mounted (or whatever) for grinding disks. Don suggested steel tubes

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