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Topics Discussed

planer switch - john

steve installed, ryan will test tonight

shop phone does not have dial tone - Guest31585

Mark fixed

wood lathe chuck - Guest31585

purchased and ryan has.

Pi sales next week Wednesday Thursday Possibly Friday and Monday. Need about 46 pi kits - automageektu

Wed & Thurs 140 students, may need 75 max, Wed 11 to 6 Thurs 11 to 3 and potentially one day next week. We have 55 pi's left over from last sale. Daryl would like help, if possible, Eva may be able to help, Pat \ Brennan helped last time. Ken dropped in as well. Yees can help.

goals for machine shop for 2017 - jroberts

Michael, machine shop ideas. - has some ideas, would like input from people, - main things - digital readout on lathe - enclosure for Tiag cnc mill & cutting fluid dispensor. - not very many users - mill needs some more tooling - aluminium inserts - mill collets - lathe calibration tools

wood lathe training status - jroberts

wood lathe does not have sticker, made ryan and brennan trainers. need more info and training material.

tig welder - jroberts

Tig welder, 1700 to 1800 to buy, brennan to provide details on Tig welder,

curtain call update - jroberts

Mike is lead set designer Gerome is left hand man, listening to concerns from last time, - creating dedicated team of work, - devised two teams, one here, one offsite - training day (only one, must attend) - set is signif smaller than last year - elevating portion is very small, 12' wall, 6' half wall, 8' half wall, set cost is $300, much smaller than last year. table saw mitre saw

Meeting Notes

white composter: John will email evan bell about it,

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