Topics Discussed

Trees for Tots - _zANDER

This saturday, need volunteers to help pick up christmas trees

buffalo mini maker faire - simon_clark

March 1st, John R. wonders if anyone wants to go. Contact

Chi Rho group presentation - simon_clark

Tony and Eva, and simon as backup will talk to them

Canada Revenue : HST reporting. - _zANDER

We will have a big HST bill coming up, $10-15K

2013 Accounting and Taxes. - _zANDER

Mark wants to talk about postponing the yearly audit

AGM and board nominations - simon_clark

Verdi, Seth and Mark, Simon, Tony are interested in running for the board. Other may be added thursday.

Meeting Notes

Suzi is interested in grant proposal. For Trillium. Simon put in 4 grant proposals over the Holidays. Theo says we need more workshops.
Theo will put on a workshop on 3D modelling on Last Wednesday of January. Mark will do a workshop on CNC router tool path on the first Wednesday of February. Simon will do An Illustrator for the laser cutter at some point. Eva will do one on the Vinyl Cutter.

Members Present

Liam Mayes, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond