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planning for the Pis - simon_clark

Mark, Simon and Tony met with Judi about this years CIS*1500 course. All students who take this course will need a raspberry pi, and Diyode is the preferred vendor. Volunteers will be needed after the August long weekend to format SD cards, laser cut cases, and pack kits -- and do retail sales on campus.

Truck emission tesing and Licensing. - _zANDER

Needs to be done before August. Overall cost should be about $200. To volunteer, talk to a board member. Seth has put his hand up, so it's now his problem.

Meeting Notes

Also, Seth has a car for sale.

New mitre saw will show up next thursday. It's a 12

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Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, Liam Mayes, Simon Clark, Ken Brown, Mark Zander