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SOCS Fall BBQ, September 5th @ 5pm - simon_clark

Diyode has been invited to the UoG School of Computer Science fall barbecue. Tony has tentatively volunteered. Simon will connect with the SOCS person.

community bbq on Aug. 17th - whoda

There's a ward-wide community barbecue happening on August 17th. Might be another opportunity to connect with the local community. We don't have contact information yet, but should soon. We're looking at doing kid friendly activities such as the paper rocket launcher, spinny table, &c.

really cool 1950's DIY encyclopedia from popular mechanics - whoda

We now have a set of vintage project books.

pi cases - simon_clark

Zander's gone for three weeks or so. He has already set up a file. Seth will confirm.

indiegogo - simon_clark

It goes not well. Barring major media attention, it's functionally dead.

shop tidy up - simon_clark

We've got shelves -- we just need to uncover some horizontal surfaces.

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Adrian Harding, Ken Brown, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond