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RaspberryPi cases OMG! - simon_clark

We are going with B+'s. Pi's are ordered and 27K has been payed. The rest will be paid with credit. Need to get a debit machine (Keith or Goldie.)

#diyode-games - DGNP

Stop that.

orange labels - simon_clark

Things have been labeled with a dated orange label. Make sure if something you own has a label that you deal with it. This will be an ongoing plan.

Toronto Makerfest - Diyode-Quassel_

IF anyone is interested in attending let Mark know. Nov 23 weekend. Dead line to apply is Sept 12th.

makerbot maintenance - simon_clark

Seth will get to rebuilding the nozzles sometime this week.

bandsaw - simon_clark

needs to be fixed. A group of people will do that today.

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