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Identify "yard sale" items - automageek

boot sale on saturday and sunday? 15 minutes south of here in Puslinch freecycle

sharpening system replacement - jroberts

it is here or put a tracking tile in

When should we do the launch event? Would the evening on Monday June 19th work for you? How shall we coordinate the cake? Any other details? - simon_clark75

7:00 Monday the 19th. there will be cake

hanging speakers - simon_clark75

Will not be doing that

Torrenting in the shop - Ban-able offence? - simon_clark75

email warning for any illegal activity to be banned at first offence

Where oh where is the rocket launcher? I need it for a park party this weekend, and someone has taken it. - simon_clark75

where is it???

Meeting Notes

tools have not been approved by directors efore they leave. solution? Suggest the tool library that will be moving to Tytler school shortly. Ban the tool lending? some tools have left and haven't come back.
Needs to be discussed again.

will get it tomorrow car donate canada

blog post for old/new truck

planer - dust collector 625 CFM layout for the shop? planer and dust colletore on the on the other side of the wall as the pop machine

we need three drill presses We need to make them work better
metal shop table can't move up and down \
one the chuck needs to be changed/ assesed. Sinmon to assess

table saw tilt is not fixed yet/ Ryan was going to look at it. Need to fix Also need to have dust collection to run at the same time as saw. Ken is looking into a system for this. There are options.

add topics link has been added to the site. Also has a Kudos site. posted on website for two weeks.

Fridge can go. Mark is looking after this.

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