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sell excess items from the shop internally to members? - DIYode-HQ_

should post on forum

Ignite This Tuesday. Need two volunteers to go with Simon. Free Ticket. Slight chance Simon may not make it. In which case, others may need to run the contest. Contest is from 6 to 7 - simon_clark

not enough info, yet

Meeting Notes

excess tools - can we post them on the forum for members to look at. Another idea is to swap the tools for ones we need .

Laser cutter is offline for half a day this week. Emails will be sent out

Plywood - Seth suggested 5 or more sheets of plywood has a discount. We will get five sheets.

Seth also mentioned getting acrylic for Diyode - Seth will get 2 sheets of clear. he will check with Mark for his needs. Any more stock will have to wait for the budget to be done to allocate funds for this

The RC boat needs to be finished for April 1. If people are interested in helping with it, there may be money for Diyode.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, James McKeown, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond