Topics Discussed

North Riverside’s Summer camp is interested in having Diyode come in as a surprise guest during our last week of camp, ideally Monday, August 8th. We are a camp of roughly 45 campers and 6 youth. - automageek

Sat, Simon kept 50 kids occupied for 3 hours with: - Rocket Launcher & Pinata Need volunteers who want to help, Eva to ask for more info and provide to Joe,

Do you want to race autonomous model sailboats against other hackerspaces? In September, think|haus would sponsor a race on Hamilton Harbour. Helping build back a sense of community for think|Haus and between other hackerspaces. Ideas, suggestions, volunteers? - automageek

Verdi may be interested, Ed knows about sailing, and would like to be part of team. Brennan is interested, has built R\C boat hulls. thinking for the fall,

tool sign out proposal - Ed - Diyode-Quassel_

Currently our policy is based on a permission basis, ask a director. Thinking it would be nice to have a booking system, 1) To help keep track of who has what. 2) To make sure tool is available. Our position has always been that we don't want tools to leave the shop in the first place, do we want to change direction ?

Meeting Notes

Ed is cleaning up combustible cabinet. Yeah !

McMaster Carr, as a source for Tieg end mills

Metal Brake, is it useful ?
Would a separate break and shear be more useful, as each can handle heaver gauge.

Eva will Kijiji Fridge.

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