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village toolbox rebuild - Diyode-Quassel

Simon fixed our member mailing list. Need to e-mail all members that village toolbox exists.

gravel fill in our big pot hole ... - Diyode-Quassel

Eva will check with Tom. And ask Jenni to move the horse bus.

artist in residence - automageek

Talking to Tao, asking about Artist in Residence, he would be willing 'judge' the applications and see. Deal was - 6 month residency (no membership dues) - write 3 blog posts - host at least 2 workshops Go for it !

AGM next Monday at 9:00 - automageek

John will order food.

Power cube in the clean room - automageek

Clean room will be used for 3D printer lab ... work at cleaning it up. Power Cube is a showcase of open source hardware idea, have no use for it. Eva will reach out to them and see if someone local wants it.

car share - Diyode-Quassel

Community Carshare - Mathew idea of having a community carshare pick up truck might be a cool intersection with Diyode. 150 members in Guelph 6 cars in Guelph. Smart-card to get into cars, pay per hour & km. cool idea on how to help people own less cars. Looking at having a pick up truck here in Guelph. Look at having a 'Diyode' connection, where we all share one truck. Always looking for parking spaces - baker street - via rail - dublin street. - U of G nothing in ward area yet. Group memberships do happen, how organized we want to be. Organization comes to key. Group insurance is very cheap - 18 years old, G2 - relatively clean driving record bunch of different models, depending on how people want to do it, $ 40 per membership per month. Driving rates are between $ 5 to $ 8 per hour, for first 4 hours. Pick up truck in Waterloo & Hamilton get a fair bit of use, small enough to be a 'regular car' Toyota Tacoma - 'smallish' half-ton. Return truck as clean as you found it. Expect member to 'cleanup' after themselves. Have a tow hitch

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