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garbage - rejected by city - Eva Bodahelyi

"construction or demolition waste" comment from City. 183 Dufferin - all materials are considered renovation materials and needs to go to the dump. taking it to eh dump is not a viable solution. Time. we have spent almost $60 in the last 4 weeks at the dump. The bins need to be spaces about 2 feet apart. We have had this system for years with no problem. We could talk to our local city councilor or the city . Eva will get in tough with James Gordon the local city councilor.

Jobs Canada Fair - March 21 1-3 at Holiday Inn - Eva Bodahelyi

Ken Macmillan will go if there is a second

Andrew's report on the new bandsaw - Eva Bodahelyi

he just changed the blade to a 5/8th blade. Original blade was meant for plastic, Somonone on the weekend wast trying to rip a (wet) log on the original blade. It was stalling the saw. We are going to ban logs on the band saw or power saw

cleaning up the metal shop - Eva Bodahelyi

is dirty and disorganized. There are a lot of great machines in there. There has been a large impovement in the last frew months. We metal fabrication bench in there. All the welders can go under it. There is not vice in there. We need a bench. Mark can get some supplies - 2" angle iron. We might fabricate a top from scrap iron. Scrap metal prices for steel. If we had angle iron, we could make a rack to hold the metal lathe shelf. We also need a materials storage area. Brennan would like to see the welders go on carts. Pad for welding outside may be made.

air compressor - Eva Bodahelyi

What is going on?!?! -shed on top of boiler room. It got cold. Power for the big one is upstairs. We could drag it upstairs for an upcoming workshop. WE could hook it up temporarily. It looks like outside above the shed is still likeliest. Group discussion to commence after the meeting

Diyvesification Project Kick off Party report - Eva Bodahelyi

Last Friday night about 60 people attended. Some we havent seemn before. It was successful according to Kim

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