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Rich and jazz - simon_clark1

Rich is the improvisor in residence at the universirty. Is working on Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade From, Eva, John R, Matt, Annie, James are interested. - simon_clark

Before the MakerFaire in San Mateo, there is a hardware workshop for people looking to develop hardware. There will be an cost of $1000 for attending. yes, simon should go.

workshops workshops worskshops - simon_clark

verdi will host a codeshield one. We will bug Dave to host a soldering workshop.

coldframe making workshop - automageek

eva will make a prototype, show it at the ecofair, set a date

shop secure sensors - simon_clark

We want a system that will stop people leaving the workshop while the back door, window, bay door, or thermostat are open. Brennan will work on it after codeshield grande

member storage space cleanup - simon_clark

There are now threee spots clear.

ecofairtomorraw - simon_clark1

Seth will be there during the day, possibly with Christoph. Seth, David and Eva will do the evening

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Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, Simon Clark, Liam Mayes, Ken Brown