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3D printer replacement - automageektu

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Check over popobox - Diyode-Quassel_

Mark and Verdi fixed it

project lead StopGap Community Ramps: - automageektu

Melissa from creative spaces, from Guelph Arts Council, foundation trying to get hardware & supplies for building ramps for places with 1 step to make places accessible. Came up before, but we did not jump on it, because of liability issues. Great idea, but Guelph Arts Council does not have map-power to do project. Do ramps have to be engineered & signed off ? Hillside office took a year. Group in Toronto is doing something similar, but the city has rejected them, because the encrouch on city property and interfere with sidewalk. Habitat or Rotary Club may be better fit. We don't have mental horsepower to take it on. Diyode is not accessable itself, but we hope to make it better.

Volunteers for Ron's tools - simonclark_thr

Brennan Mark in evening Dave Carpenter Chris Z. Ken Brown Eva

youth participation with DIY - Chris - Diyode-Quassel_

Chris works with YMCA in Guelph, young parents, want to learn life skills. Activities to bring them out into community, take part in projects, meet like minded people. Come and meet everyone Looking at getting Y to pay memberships of youth. 19 & 20 year old - recreational group. Building community - some influences are on a different path, Different constraints with time 'Want to do stuff' Community projects are around What is expectation ? Chris would quarter-back projects. Great link between YMCA & DIYODE. Parallel to homeschool thinking, Trying to think about gender as well, Possibility to share their knowledge as well.

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Andrew :
Food co-op - website is on line. Getting rest of pieces together.
Shop Vac:
Chris will buy more filters.

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