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Edward about Community Car Share - automageek

Ed is carless, and a car-share member, Diyode could become a car share member, and be a host site. They want a pick up truck in guelph, Toyota, mid sized with trailer hitch, truck could be co-branded with Diyode. Advantage is mantenance would be paid by car share, all we need is permanent designated parking spot. would be sharing pickup with other car share members. members of diyode would also have access to other cars in car share program. program would be -diyode members who want access would need to join car share. Need details about who gets billed for transactions. Corporations or Individuals ?

CNC router on government auction site - automageek

smaller than xcarve bigger than tiag very nice enclosure, auction ends in Jan. safety is of interest, cabinet is interesting, David will contact seller and ask a bunch a questions of the cnc router

bandsaw tightening - john

ryan and john will look at it.

jointer blades - Guest31585

terry fixed.

compressor noise - Guest31585

cold weather mark has oiler and dryer and regulator. will bring into shop.

laser datum problem (per Peter) - Guest31585

not a mechanical problem, software problem. Mark has an idea, but tony thinks it is a config change

Curtain Call Productions contract for working at Diyode - automageek

University Theatre group, they would like to use Diyode to make sets. given us a list of things they will be doing. - eva has list - monday to thurs will provide schedule crew will not use heavy equipment all will be trained ccp will storage pod one person with diyode membership on site. Jan to March timeframe.

Dec 28 clean up - Guest31585

Terry and Dave carpenter will help out, looking for more help, wood storage and shelving starting around noonish,

Meeting Notes

Red Metal lathe:
- space is limited in back, could we move into storage ...
belongs to Ken Brown, will take home by end of Jan.

New computer on laser is being installed by Mark.

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