Topics Discussed

OTF report due - simonclark_thr

Trilliam Grant summary report. Good Story. Simon will e-mail to Eva. Eva will get input from Brennan

dump run - automageek

Peter loaded truck. can not drive truck. looking for help \ driver. James R. may be able to run it out, John to follow up.

new computer for laser cutter. Many projects are crashing before they get cut - automageek

Chris was having problems with his complex patterns. Not sure if computer or laser cutter issues. Can run into problems during download process. - reimage computer is suggestion best idea is to try to improve laser files Simon & Brennan offered to help.

blue metal rack mount unit outside around the back that is free if anyone wants it - automageek

Jenny offered it up. Let's go look. Back of shop clean up is needed.

Meeting Notes

clean up back of shop.
Buy new ink for big printer.
Need to spend a few hundred dollars on ink.
if left on, it eats ink like crazy.

Credit card & debit card processing with Beanstream.

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