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Saba from the Tool Library: We are organizing a Repair Cafe. The first event is organized for August 20th. We have a number of volunteers helping us with repairing bikes, clothing, simple electric appliances, etc but we are looking for more handy people who would like to help us at this event. - automageek

There are posters and pamphlets in the shop. Check them out! Also online at They need experts in electronics and carpentry specifically as well as people with a general knack for fixing things. To help, contact

vertical switch replacement. Should we wait for the tool lockout, or get it working in a stopgap fashion for now? - simon_clark

*verticut relay It sort of works for now, but we need the relay, regardless. Ken will order them.

Maker Expo request for projects - Diyode-Quassel

We need projects for Diyode's table at Maker Expo. Get in touch with Daryl if you have a project you are proud of and want to share!

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