Topics Discussed

regular diy column for col.lab.o.rate - _zANDER

Chris Teason (formerly of SNAP) now works for the Chamber of Commerce. It has a magazine called col.lab.o.rate. Mark thinks it'd be a great idea to have a regular column. If anybody has any ideas, talk to Mark.

Under workbench drawers - simon_clark

There's some provisional interest.

Metal working area setup (from Seth) - simon_clark

Seth and Brennan propose building a half wall to contain sparks within the metal shop area. We'll take this to IRC.

General cleanup - simon_clark

The shop is a disaster area. If anybody can help clean up tonight, that would be great. We are getting into a busy time of year and it's only going to get worse.

Meeting Notes

Annie has found a furnace, blower and crucible for a foundry. She will investigate and bring photos.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Ken Brown, Liam Mayes, Simon Clark