Due to the current COVID-19 Provincial Stage 3 reopening plan, there are restrictions on the number of people in the shop at any time. Please use the Room Booking Calendar for access. Your key Fob will not function outside of your booked time.

Topics Discussed

regular diy column for col.lab.o.rate - _zANDER

Chris Teason (formerly of SNAP) now works for the Chamber of Commerce. It has a magazine called col.lab.o.rate. Mark thinks it'd be a great idea to have a regular column. If anybody has any ideas, talk to Mark.

Under workbench drawers - simon_clark

There's some provisional interest.

Metal working area setup (from Seth) - simon_clark

Seth and Brennan propose building a half wall to contain sparks within the metal shop area. We'll take this to IRC.

General cleanup - simon_clark

The shop is a disaster area. If anybody can help clean up tonight, that would be great. We are getting into a busy time of year and it's only going to get worse.

Meeting Notes

Annie has found a furnace, blower and crucible for a foundry. She will investigate and bring photos.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Edward Jackson, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Simon Clark