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security cameras - jroberts

put up one by back door, because back door was broken into (attempt at least). make sure dead bolts are closed ! whole in door has been repaired. we are not going to put a handle back on that door, just use dead bolt sliders.

clean room next steps - jroberts

eva took a pile to good will. we will sort tonight, and eva will take to goodwill. eva will label lois table. who will pick up this week.

Contest - jroberts

Mason, researcher at UoG, studies gray squirell. need to re-capture same individuals again and again looking for design ideas. looking for partners interested in rodent traps. offer to come and see research and handling of rodents. aspect of research is community involvement

outside clean up - jroberts

john took a load to the dump

new wood planer next steps - jroberts

ken is waiting for electrical components. degrease and clean up and then test runs.

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X-Carve : still waiting for parts, michael is working on it

Ken: Ken will buy zip ties.

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