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old truck - jroberts

chris is on it

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carshare launch event date monday june 19 7;00

speaker location yard sale....

speakers where to put

yard sale how to go about
advertise internally , stuff has until a week (the 12th) then kijiiji then the n gone

two weeks from today 6;00 do a poll

monitor in clean room need to be swapped out

planer - remove a table? planer jointer on far side of or put the plner on the north end of the big table dust collector against the far wall may be better. get rid of one of the drill presses/ the tall one has been used very infrequently.
Planer 6 ft either side might be ok. It;s still able tyo be moved into place is there is long stock

dust collection $2-300 from busy bee using the cyclone from the back.
jointer and planer to use the dust collection system. Possibly do a drawing.

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