Topics Discussed

Family Hack Jam 3 - Feb 17th! - simon_clark

Mark, Brennan, Jamie. John will help with prep

Fixing Scrol Saw, I am happy to help, just not sure what exactly is broken - jroberts

Will work on it tonight

Wood Routers & tables culling. We have at least 4 router tables, and 8 routers, of various ages and qualities, could we sort and John (Roberts) will take dis-cards to Restore. - jroberts

Will sort tonight

Kub kars - simon_clark


glass supplies - automageek

Annie will get us a shopping list

The first rule of Amp Club is... - simon_clark

Steve and Adrian are starting an Amp club, meeting at Diyode Wednesday nights.

Meeting Notes

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, James McKeown, Ken Brown, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond