Topics Discussed

Family Hack Jam 3 - Feb 17th! - simon_clark

Mark, Brennan, Jamie. John will help with prep

Fixing Scrol Saw, I am happy to help, just not sure what exactly is broken - jroberts

Will work on it tonight

Wood Routers & tables culling. We have at least 4 router tables, and 8 routers, of various ages and qualities, could we sort and John (Roberts) will take dis-cards to Restore. - jroberts

Will sort tonight

Kub kars - simon_clark


glass supplies - automageek

Annie will get us a shopping list

The first rule of Amp Club is... - simon_clark

Steve and Adrian are starting an Amp club, meeting at Diyode Wednesday nights.

Meeting Notes

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, James McKeown, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond