Topics Discussed

"Member Projects" on the wiki? - ghoti


bathroom fan - jroberts

we have talked about it

computer trouble - jroberts

what computer trouble?

Meeting Notes

director's meeting

Michael has suggested a meeting to get a date so that as many people as possible to meet to prep the area and

electrical cable outside of back door. someone cut our extension cord. a good yellow one was coiled up by the shed. chris brought it in. end is blackened.

internet connection
it would be good to get a faster connection vote to diyode equipment is $150

meeting memo of what was discussed as email to the membership

tool lending policy yes or no
tools are meant to be used here. the strong suggestion is to not lend
tracker for tools ... to put on large items.
put the no tool borrowing policy on the member sign uo sheet.

I will send out Simon's letter tomorrow.

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