Topics Discussed

Dealing with tool theft - simon_clark

1. Implemented Tool Check List ~ Peter will check each week. 2. Photo Lock out - Simon has it down to 6 people who do not have a photo. Fixed a bunch of invalid e-mails. 3. You can not sign up a member, until you have checked ID. 4. Locked cabinet of consumables. We have replaced some of the missing things - Dremel - saw horse If we lock up stuff, how do we make those tool components acceptable ?

Simon and the Multiplaz - simon_clark75

Simon wants to take the Multiplaz to Haiti,

Meeting Notes

Bench Grinder - can we fix the right angle grinder, so we use it for sharpening tools

Jig Saw - Can be returned to Canadian Tire. Terry & Liam

Jointer Blades - Simon ~ Normand
Chuck - Simon - after christmas

AGM : DEC 12

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