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Topics Discussed

Trillium grant - simon_clark

We have confirmed a new Trillium Grant again this year! Simon, Mike Dasilda, Verdi, Jacob, Mark, Brennan will be on the purchase committee.

RaspberryPi B+ - simon_clark

Will have to notify UofG that there is a new model that we cannot guarentee that we can get.

Dealing with welding gas - simon_clark

Simon will looking to a flow gauge. We will start with a $5 per usage. Put the money in the lock box. If the tank is empty members can go get tank filled then workshop will reimburse.

Powercube workshop, shipping issues, etc - simon_clark

Aug 8,9 and 10th. inform members that workshop will be busy that day. workshop members get a $50 discount. opensourceecology.org web site. He needs to ship parts to us. Send out flyer to membership.

Hillside - simon_clark

Andew, Eva and Suzie are doing the community tent.

injection molding machine - simon_clark

luke warm reception. Brennan will gather more interest.

Insurance issue - simon_clark

We are going forward with the flammables cabinet, fire extinguishers. Welding curtain depends on what the insurance says.

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