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ignite build ideas - simon_clark

April 23rd Typical to have a contest. We won't do something boring like Waterloo does... Ignite is a series of speaches people are passionate about. does not have to tech related. Simon's initial idea is to have a leds, battery, wire and foam to make sculptures.

please return the trash cans after doing a dump run - Diyode-Quassel

Trash cans need to come back as soon as possible.

doorbell - mobi_clark

We need a door bell. Liam will give it a try.

June 22 east end library party - mobi_clark

They will be holding a Community day and would like diyode to provide some stuff. We will discuss. This may be the same day as the Sunny Acres picnic.

Member payment tracking. - zANDER_

This should be passed to the finance committee.

TableTopDay - zANDER_

Zander will be having a game day at diyode on March 30th. Email will go out to the email list.

Lead up to the Resilience Festival with Erin - simon_clark

Erin is sick and will followup with the board.

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