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Topics Discussed

fingerboarding, wtf? - simon_clark

If anybody wants to run a fingerboarding workshop, talk to Simon. Otherwise forever hold you peace.

giftbox construction - simon_clark

Mark and Brennan haven't made them yet. Thus we have a project for tonight.

christmas party - simon_clark

Dec 27 is all we know.

membership payment processing - simon_clark

We have a fancier automated system to track automated payments. We now have 71 active members. Judging from looking over John's shoulder, it's very spiffy.

half wall - simon_clark

James is championing putting up a firebreak between the woodshop and the metal shop.

Meeting Notes

Foundry update: Crucible, blower, furnace and extras for $500. Annie will provide photos.

The bucket thing is getting ridiculous. Mark is taking it up with Adrian / the landlord.

Members Present

Brennan McKillop, Chris Zimmermann, Edward Jackson, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker