Topics Discussed

Waterloo Mini Maker Faire - azend

Coming up on June 15th. Booth fee is $40 for non vendors, $60 for vendors. Booths are 8x10. Verdi is looking forwards to running a power wheels mushroom cup, er, racing series. More news to come.

3D scanner - simon_clark

There's a Toronto based kickstarter for a 3d printer. If we put up some money, we may be able to get them out to the mini-maker faire. There is fairly wide interest in supporting this project. Simon to email details, formal vote next week. 25 days remain on the kickstarter.

Trip to Hacklab.TO - azend

Eva and Verdi are going to HackLab tomorrow. They have two seats left and are leaving at 2:30 pm. Contact either of them to join. (Having a day job sucks).

Monday Crowie hack session. - zANDER_

If anybody has spare time, the crowie could use new software. Of course that can wait until the next time we win it.

CFRU "Our Planet Sings" Environmental Radio Collective : The Yurt - zANDER_

CFRU would like to talk about the Yurt; Erin or Andrew, talk to Mark Zander.

Workshop : 2 Rivers Festival - zANDER_

Diyode has offered our workshop to the 2 Rivers festival; they would like to hold a workshop to make nest boxes for ducks on the 14th of June. Diyode will provide some skids for materiels and a sample design. Anyone who would like to help, talk to Mark.

Test Run Selling Raspberry Pi's : Central Ontario Hamfest - Jun 2 - zANDER_

'Nuff said. Once again, contact Mark to volunteer.

Friendly Rich's Fun Time Jazz Machine - simon_clark

Are we interested in building a rube-goldberg-esque jazz machine. Eva is wildly enthusiastic. Even more so than normal. If we take this on, we should take it to Detroit Maker Faire.

Meeting Notes

Derek Alton from Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement, and he's looking to collect conversations about or by people that form communities. Would diyode be interested in having a collective conversation that would be recorded and published.
Ultimate goal is to build and deepen community across the country in three ways:
1) Build a deeper sense of community 2) Share ideas and practices 3) At the end, Tamarack will use the corpus to advise policy makers.