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Thank you Ken MacMillan for helping with Super Science Saturday this past weekend at the downtown branch of the library. - Eva Bodahelyi

went well, lots of interest. well worth the effort.

Mark Zander's big vacation - John Roberts

Mark is going on a 3 month holiday.

finance update - John Roberts

Daryl would like a 2018 budget by AGM.

car share changes on the way. - John Roberts

AGM in October, they have presented 2 options to members, 1) change business model, to become 'for profit' co-op, so they can use share capital. 2) merge with another car share (for profit based in Montreal). Ed is going to AGM in October.

Waverly Drive Public School - John Roberts

Similar to other school, looking for someone to run coding classes on Oct 6. teach programming to grade 7 & 8. Code shields as an option, during the day, 3 * 50 min sessions. Ken will send out to mailing list.

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