Topics Discussed

Genduino day Saturday April 2 - Diyode-Quassel

World wide celebration of ardunio. Soldering workshop in the AM. Code shield stuff in the afternoon.

Meeting Notes

Need to get a throat plate for table saw.
Eva may be in cambridge tomorrow.
Photo on the website. Needed for training \ keeping track of members.
Need new trainer's
Andrew is willing to train people.
Curtain Calll Productions
mis-use of equipment (planner ... table saw).
seemed a lot more trouble this year than last year.
no space for 'other members'
did not put tools back where they belong.
We need to give feedback.
main issues:
- abuse of tools
- not tidy up after themselves
- inconvience
- garbage clean up
- consumable cost.
Need to push the member paying consumable topic.
Do we want a web-link and a once a year campaign and ask members for 'wear & tear' money.
And a note to monthly newsletter...
blerb about cost of wear & tear. We are spending 100 - 200 per month.
Ask for donations to cover wear & tear.

Fastener ask.
Clean up curtain call production wood pile
20 foot robot
Theo has 1,000 election signs.
wants to build a 20 foot stationary structure.

Members Present