Topics Discussed

Science hack day - simon_clark

No opposition, simon will organize

Membership box donation policy - simon_clark

we givce away 6 or so, more, we bring to the board

Simon sanity filter - simon_clark

Simon wants call display if he's getting phone calls, it's up to him whether to send to mailbox, or pay the $8/month

Holiday membership boxes again? - simon_clark

yes, make 15

Santa Claus Parade floats and what to do with the electric wheelchair - azend|vps

verdi says nevermind

Family Hack Jam 2 and Ignite Guelph 2 event summaries - azend|vps

they went well. Attendance was low at hack jam. Maybe next year we charge a minimal fee. IgniteGuelph was good. Good exposure

SoOnCon - azend|vps

SoOnCon is this weekend. $40, please go.

missing tools - simon_clark

Where are all the drills. Send a reminder to replace tools after they've been used.

Le drills - azend|vps

We need more drills. Brennan and Verdi will make a recommendation.

New space search - _zANDER_

Our current space has a limited lifespan, and we may need to find a new home in as soon as 4 yours. Mark hass been looking at possible new spaces, just to keep the pulse of the downtown industrial space market. There is a great building available for $10/sqft (we currently pay $6.66/sqft

workshop work day - simon_clark

We will be making workshop improvements on Saturday, November 24th.

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Adrian Harding, Alex Storey, Brennan McKillop, Eva Bodahelyi, John Roberts, Ken Brown, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond