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noise and neighbour update - Eva Bodahelyi

Reply letter to the legal threat was sent today. They replied that they are willing to meet with lawyers present. Tehre was originally a Cease in Desist letter, not from a court. Threat of lawsuit was prepared but not filed. Our laywer prepared a reply letter. We invited a meeting. They are amenable. This would be the best route to follow.

messy areas upstairs - Eva Bodahelyi

Stephen noticed messy areas near drill press - for days. mark said 53 entries over the weekend.Mark could check the cameras to find who is doing it. Stephen is making the workshop clean for other people - it isn't fair. Stephen has noticed that it has gotten worse in the last week.

Diyode website needs updating. - Eva Bodahelyi

Verdi has noticed lots of broken links - wiki links are broken. He might work on it. post it on Slack for people to find broken stuff on our site

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