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cobblestone gallery - simon_clark

The Cobblestone Gallery in Waterloo is currently selling codeshields and Seth's products. They are looking at stocking more maker supplies and may contact us in the future.

Earth Festival - _zANDER

Follow up to the one last year at Centennial. This is coming up on Sunday, September the 29th. Seth is tentatively showing up.

Instruments from Jazz Fest. - _zANDER

Dealt with.

Arduino/CodeShield workshop for Toronto MakerFaire - _zANDER

This one Mark promised. To do a workshop, we need a bunch of laptops; they have 5. Tony and Mark will do two 90 minute timeslots. We'll need soldered kits... We'll plan on ten stations / 20 people.

community wellbeing grant - simon_clark

Tomorrow afternoon, there's a guelph community wellbeing grant. Simon wanted to get 20 fleet laptops to prepare a portable arduino/codeshield workshop, laptops included. If anyone wants to join, speak to Simon.

Alternative Vehicle Show - tonious

Last week, Seth spoke about wanting to do a Guelph based alternative-powered vehicle show in Guelph. After some pondering, he's elected to push this off the spring. He wants to this while school is still in question.

Post EMP stuff. - tonious

Seth claims he's not being a prepper or anything, but he's interested in preparing a book outlining what we'd need to rebuild after an EMP goes off. Anybody interested, speak to Seth.

Santa Klaws parade - tonious

Applications went out last week. Is Diyode putting in a float this year without registering? It's traditional. James is also involved in putting the float together for Central School. He's looking to schedule time to build the float at Diyode.

Raspberry Pi Update - tonious

We've sold 556 raspberry pis last week, and another 8-9 since. We have parts for 100 more kits en route. We may need to do a kit building session Wednesday evening. We will need to cut more cases, and notify Judi when our next on-campus time is. Anybody interested in putting a vote in on what we do with the money should speak to the finance committee -- we'll create a separate subcommittee.

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Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond