Topics Discussed

Certificate of awesome and the Engineer's Cookbook - azend

Verdi showed off his Engineer's Cookbook notebooks. Certificate of awesome is still a work in progress.

Cam's insurance proposal - simon_clark

Cam Guthrie insures the truck; he wants to quote us on insuring the shop as a whole; both for our newly embiggened size, as well as contents. This also includes certain kinds of liability insurance, e.g.: if somebody's codeshield catches fire. Quote to be circulated to directors.

New sign for out front - azend

We still don't have any street-facing signage. Tyler to investigate sharing the lit sign at the front.

Weather Balloon Project - azend

Verdi wants to put a weather balloon into near earth orbit. He's looking for interest, excitement, and maybe a lesson in physics.

Brad point drill bits -

There are some in the shop. Drill bit organization is on the todo list.

Catapults and snowmen - azend

Guelph Children's museum wants eight foot tall snowmen with targets and catapults that can hit those targets for family day. If anybody wants to help, talk to Verdi. This needs to go on the events calendar. Verdi to email this list, Zander to add to events calendar.

Tyler's metal racks - azend

Tyler has access to a large amount of metal racking, five feet long by eighteen inches deep. Do we want in on them? Zander will coordinate with Tyler tomorrow to arrange pickup.

Chamber membership - simon_clark

Simon met with Chris Teissen formerly of Snap Guelph is now working for the Chamber of Commerce. He wants to evangelize us, but he also wants to sell us a membership. This would give us an opportunity to liase with local manufacturing. Adrian also mentioned that Lloyd Longfield is interested in setting up an informal community 'clubhouse' to get hobbyists talking with industry.

fill in the tool tracker details and photos - simon_clark

Simon has updated the tool tracker at . He demoed it for the club at large. It now encompasses training, photos, and tool details. Also, the todo tracker is up at

Seth and Eva's Artist Guild - azend

Seth and Eva have been discussing co-projects and individual projects that they can market at shows and faires, but are interested in marketing through diyode. Diyode has a number of artists, and it would be great to get collaboration so we can do a diyode show at some point in the future. That way we can also easily get and fill diyode tables or booths at craft shows. Seth also mentioned getting more money for increased usage. This would be an extension of the artist in residence program. Interest was almost universally expressed. Seth and Eva to draft more details.

Family Hack Jam at he Museum - simon_clark

Doug from KwartzLab describing: Monday, February 18th, at the Museum from 10am to 4pm. Two two hour sessions, with a two hour lunch break / q and a. The room is rated for about thirty people, but we can configure it for a smaller number. Doug wants to get it up on eventbrite quickly. Internally, we need volunteers and soldered code shields. We can take accomodate 18 participants per session. We would need 9-10 finished code shield, plus additional laptops. Kwartzlab would also like to borrow our Replicator, as well as a minder.

Ed's wood - simon_clark

One of Ed's friend has a selection of scrap wood. Do we want it? Conditionally.

Meeting Notes

Guelph Technology Expo.
Dave Croal nominally running the show. If anybody has projects for him to take tomorrow, get in touch.

Directors met afterwards to decide positions. Simon Clark will continue as President, Adrian Harding will continue as Treasurer. Tony Thompson will continue as Secretary.

Members Present

Simon Clark, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond, James McKeown, Brennan McKillop, Theo Bakker, Adrian Harding