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Topics Discussed

Meeting Notes

Hand Belt Sander:
John to buy.

Thickness Planner:
Simon is working on it.

Hex Keys:
Simon says we need more hex keys.

Soldering - 'Helping Hands'
Simon to order 2 cheap ones from China.

Electronics Donation:
Someone has a big pile of electronics stuff,
free, 20 min drive from Guelph
Need someone to go pick it up, South Guelph Line.
Ken or ? is willing to pick up.

Village Toolbox:
- remind new people to signup.

Drill bits:
- need to buy

Key Fobs for machines:
Have a plan.
Waiting for parts to arrive.

pop cans:
how do we convince people to put pop cans in the recycling ?

White buckets:

Clean Room :
Budget Number: $ 1,700 for walls + lights + ceiling

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