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Topics Discussed

tool theft and Asset Tags - simon_clark

We decided to buy 500 tags

Meeting Notes

rona account:
Cash account has been set up for Diyode.
Go to regular service desk and ask.
Get discounts on some things, not everything.

oxy torch:

air nailer:
Recommendation is $ 60 from Princess Auto for Brad Nailer for Power Fist.

Simon is trying to rebuild door bot into portal bot. Improved stability is goal.

srews you guys:
Simon was building stuff and could not find a good screw.
Recommend a message to members,
monthly consumable budget
Request for boxes of screws,

raspberry pi sales:
Sale on Thursday at University.
1) Assembly 85 kits.
2) Write the cards
3) Sale Thursday night @ 5:30 to 6:30.

Curtain Call Productions is starting to building their sets.

Internet Troubles, android phones don't release IP addresses correctly.

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