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Raspberry Pi update - simonclark_thr1

Mark Rocks. Lots sold. woo hoo. 550 pi kits sold. Once we have final numbers, we will know what the profit is.

Trillium Recognition ceremony - simonclark_thr1

Planned for October 18th. We will do a bit of a bbq, and all that.

Trillium Spending - simonclark_thr1

We will go ahead and start purchasing. Metal lathe, rolling mill, plasma welder, beverly shear

metal shop construction - wall / door - simonclark_thr1

will start building. TONIGHT!

AGM dates and changes - simonclark_thr1

Monday, November 24th, AGM . Directors will start the process of preparing for the meeting.

underage drivers again... - simon_clark

Cost is now $135/month, vs $98 without the underage drivers. We will analyze the numbers and decide next week how to proceed.

scroll saw and wood lathe - simon_clark

one way,

Davids thing. It's for kids! - simon_clark

David talked more about his thing. Support is still unanimous. Ideas flew.

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