Topics Discussed

Purchasing community consumables - azend

Verdi proposes that we put together a schedule to purchase consumables. Mark is the schedule. We may need some degree of inventory control. There is a consumables page in the tool tracker. Simon has been elected to build a better consumable tracking system than Mark.

UoG Raspberry Pi Update - tonious

Judi has received approval: first year computing in Guelph will be taught using Raspberry Pis. According to Mark, Newark has a 30 day turnaround for large orders. Mark is trying to verify supply. Judi has also put a Raspberry Pis useres' group.

UoG CIS Codeshield workshop. - tonious

Raspberry Pi users' group wants a codeshield workshop in three weeks. Tony to coordinate, arrange and lead.

shipping case for Grande - simon_clark

Needs to be started tonight and finished for wednesday.

sign out front - simon_clark

The people at Crazy For Used are getting a new sign. Tyler mentioned that we could put our stuff on the sign, as they are replacing the whole thing. We should talk to Tom Lammer about getting sign space.

Meeting Notes

Nick came to talk; he's interested in building an EarthShip -- a sustainable building built from recycled materials. He's interested in building a mobile version on a ten foot trailer. We'll have to check with Cristoph and Tom Lammer.

Members Present