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Ontario150 Partnership Grant : - simon_clark

The City is pushing this hard, and we're eligible. If anybody would like to take point, we can probably get funding. But it involves untangling our last two years of financials, which is a bit of a non starter. Talk to Simon or Eva if you'd like to help.

CanaKits update - Diyode-Quassel

We need to order 350 raspberry pi kits from CanaKit. Daryl will take point. We'll get them shipped to Simon at work, and store them off site until the sale. Kits need to be here by September 5th.

Culture Days is an annual 3-day celebration dedicated to fostering opportunities for the public to participate in, and appreciate, all forms of arts and culture. This year’s weekend is September 30 – October 02, 2016. Every year, in every province, organizations, individual artists, businesses and municipalities offer free, participatory, and interactive activities over the weekend. Activity organizers raise their - automageektu

Yes, we are interested. We just have to define a set time window for our open house! Stay tuned.

Outside light - Diyode-Quassel_

If you turn the outside lights off for less than two seconds and back on again, it stays permanently on. To put it on automatic, you have to turn it off longer than thirty seconds before turning it back on. This should only matter after a power failure. Aside from that, don't futz with it.

Meeting Notes

Plastic shredder is coming along. We now have about $1400 for the plastic recycling project. If you're good with motors and gears, talk to Simon -- he needs the help. Some one from Husky injection molding will be here Wednesday at about 8:30pm to give us a quick overview of that particular process.

In other news, we now have a new truck booking calendar. See the menu to the right. It's really spiffy, and should limit mis-bookings.

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