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Meeting minutes February18th 2019

Woodshop improvements- Lori

The Lath chuck is broken. Lori has priced out a replacement that is on Sale at Busy Bee. In addition, there is a woodshow in Toronto this weekend. Lori requested to spend up to $1000 for updated to the woodshop. A motion was put forward and approved to spend $1000 at her discretion.

Implement motion passed the A.G.M. Regarding delinquent membership dues. Email is ready. -Lori


Bandsaw Pickup

Ken M. Ken B, Verdi, Steve and Angus are going to Hamilton. Andrew will help with the unload in Guelph.

There was a discussion about mess in the workshop. Some members were bothered by the amount of clutter on the work benches. The idea of a spring clean and a lost and found shop. Lori has offered to look at the bucket system to see they can be organized more efficiently.

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