Due to the current COVID-19 Provincial Stage 3 reopening plan, there are restrictions on the number of people in the shop at any time. Please use the Room Booking Calendar for access. Your key Fob will not function outside of your booked time.

Topics Discussed

Meeting Notes

Financial Update:
in good shape

Election Results


Not Elected

Prioritys for 2017

Clean Room set up.

Member involvement

New Security Cameras

- tool lockouts
- back door emergency exit
- clean out

- difficultly in getting trained.

Hosting classes & workshops
- how do we get more workshops done in 2017 ?

- machine shop

Extension courses via high school - college level

Big Tool purchases hopes
- new laser cutter - 40 votes
- water jet (desktop) - 20 votes
- tormec CNC mill - 15 votes
- welding equipment TIG - 35 votes
- sharpening tools
- machine shop tooling
- vertical panel saw - 20 votes
- shipping container for storage - 30 votes
- Router table always set up - 35 votes
- large format printer - 10

Financial stability & planning for a move before 2020.

Manditory contribution - time basis
- have talked about this in the past
- stratified payment scheme as an option
- procedures on cleaning

more effort on finding homes for all our stuff.
shadowing tool boxes
- find better ways to get people to put

new member - how do we make new members sucessful.

Promotional Day
- farmer's market or mall day
- how much bigger do we want to get ..
- do we want to move to invitation model ?

how many people are actually in the space at any point at in time.

Social Media

Pickup Truck
- got 25 votes


Members Present