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Topics Discussed

Meeting Notes

Financial Update:
in good shape

Election Results


Not Elected

Prioritys for 2017

Clean Room set up.

Member involvement

New Security Cameras

- tool lockouts
- back door emergency exit
- clean out

- difficultly in getting trained.

Hosting classes & workshops
- how do we get more workshops done in 2017 ?

- machine shop

Extension courses via high school - college level

Big Tool purchases hopes
- new laser cutter - 40 votes
- water jet (desktop) - 20 votes
- tormec CNC mill - 15 votes
- welding equipment TIG - 35 votes
- sharpening tools
- machine shop tooling
- vertical panel saw - 20 votes
- shipping container for storage - 30 votes
- Router table always set up - 35 votes
- large format printer - 10

Financial stability & planning for a move before 2020.

Manditory contribution - time basis
- have talked about this in the past
- stratified payment scheme as an option
- procedures on cleaning

more effort on finding homes for all our stuff.
shadowing tool boxes
- find better ways to get people to put

new member - how do we make new members sucessful.

Promotional Day
- farmer's market or mall day
- how much bigger do we want to get ..
- do we want to move to invitation model ?

how many people are actually in the space at any point at in time.

Social Media

Pickup Truck
- got 25 votes


Members Present