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collaborative event involving Diyode - Eva Bodahelyi

The Diyversity Project will be running a day that involves Diyode on Saturday, September 21st The “Make-Her” - a collaborative art project with 5+ partners in Guelph. The idea is for participants to create a three-dimensional self-portrait by visiting each of the places (Diyode, Tool Library, CBase Makerspace, Play with Clay + more) and creating different pieces of the self-portrait at each place. The final pieces will be able to be joined by 3D printed hands, and will form an art exhibit to be up for the next two weeks before participants can come and collect their projects. This promises to be a lot of fun, and we’re charging a small fee ($10) to cover expenses. The Eventbrite page will be up soon (we’re just confirming final details with a few places).

Neighbour meeeting - Eva Bodahelyi

It went ok. We need to address some things at the shop

Cake day - Eva Bodahelyi

this 3rd Thursday , sadly, cake was missing, Steve noted. He is part of the PCLS, the People's Cake Loving Society

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