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Elevator Project pitch submission help - simon_clark

Simon has spoken to the elevator project people, and has settled on two pitches: 1) 3D printer / scanner kit to lend out to schools and 2) Build a mobile maker space. Diyode in a trailer. Simon is looking for help writing submissions. Tony has volunteered to help proof. Mark, Eva and Theo have volunteered to help write. See Simon after the meeting!

Toys for Tots - _zANDER_

Actually Trees for Tots. Last year, Diyode volunteered the truck and trailer. The city is no longer picking up trees. This year is happening on the 11th of January and could use any help. Please help out! Diyode will also help with some of the logistics.

clean the heater - simon_clark

We've been having difficulty with the heater not igniting. Mark took the compressor to it, and it seems happier.

baseboard heaters - simon_clark

There's only one baseboard heater in the office. It seems to still be working. Remember to turn it back down when leaving the space.

AGM - simon_clark

AGM is coming up on January 13th. Get your nominations in before the 12th.

christmas party - simon_clark

December 27th. Get your party shoes on. Bring food/alcohol/explosives.

Meeting Notes

We have a dust collector coming tomorrow.

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Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, Chris Zimmermann, Eva Bodahelyi, Ken Brown, Liam Mayes, Mark Zander, Simon Clark, Theo Bakker