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metal shop venting - John Roberts

grinder was creating some sort of cloud of particulate that set off the smoke alarm. The ceiling needs to be finished.

Visual signals when alarms (smoke \ fire) go off. - John Roberts

ken suggests a heat sensor in metal shop and laser cutter area. Can buy all of these sensors and they can all be linked together. a few hundred dollars.

parking - Eva Bodahelyi

should emergency vehicles be able to get past in the lot in both directions? city bylaws? it's not posted as far as we know

question about machining old wood - Eva Bodahelyi

it may be a good idea if everyone working in the wood shop wears safety glasses at all times*However* old wood is not allowed. Old wood can contain metal and stones, not only endangering the worker, and the people around it, but also the tools and the cutting surfaces.

list of rules and pointers of the shop needs to be created. - Eva Bodahelyi

There is a list of things to watch out for. For there to be some sort of benchmark, it would would be a good idea to have something to start with.

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