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Update on neighbours - Eva Bodahelyi

There is a meeting with the board and our lawyer tomorrow night. There will be more information after that.

Laser cutter maintenance - Eva Bodahelyi

Matt is wondering about a maintenance schedule. Is it left to when it's not working? If you clean it it prevents more damage Matt has been cleaning it when He comes. Matt mentioned that in his last place, the lens cleaning was required before each use. Mark mentioned that pulling out and cleaning lenses misaligns them Mark mentioned that no one has oiled the rails in probably years. Tool stewards would need to be looking at maintenance, but they may not have time. Maybe we need more stewards. An idea is to have the people that use the laser cutter to do a maintenance schedule. It's in their best interests that it runs well. Angus mentioned a lot of people use it but there is insufficient care. Metal shop gets more attention. Mark and Matt will collaborate on cleaning.

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