Topics Discussed

Lois table in clean room - jroberts

has been removed.

183 Dufferin - results of viewing and discussions. Possibility of counter offer to landlord's suggestion - Eva Bodahelyi photos, some people really liked it.

planer shavings need to be emptied after each use. - Eva Bodahelyi

eva is going to vynl cut a sign and put on Planer.

Ryan will set up a schedule - two days per week. He will let us know what days. - Eva Bodahelyi

Ryan has been getting over-whelmed with requests for training.

Meeting Notes

two new members tonight,

post-doc - get input on new space. Eva will reach out to Jenny.

Oakville crew looking to open a maker space in oakville or burlington, John gave them a tour.

Metal shop tooling:
- collets & cutters for milling machine
- surface plate
- height gauge
- face mill is broken.
- angle plate
- Michael and Shaun are going to put together a 'wish list'

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