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Topics Discussed

Maker Festival call for makers - http://makerfestival.ca/were-on-the-hunt-for-creative-people-projects-organizations/ - simonclark_thr

Eric B. of HackLab.TO is putting on a maker fest in summer of 2016. GTA focused, Maker summit at some point as well.

Meeting Notes

e-waste run:
Back Room + Switches & stuff.
Load a car.

Truck repair:
Truck needs brakes ... Mark

Clean room walls.
Did we decide on what we are doing ?
Timeline ...
Ken to put together bill of material.

tool lock out:
Everyone needs to know that we are planning on locking out tools that people have not been trained.
8 lock out boxes to start.
Need to put key into tool to get it to run.
Month or two to implement.
Software Mag lockout on all machines.
Ken + Simon + Colin + Tony + Brennan are team.

3D Printer sharing:
Tony will hold onto it for for.

Please take out the garbage on Thursday.

X-Carve: seems to be working just fine now.
Yeah Adam + Steve & others ...

Table Saw anti-kick back:
Can they be repaired or not ?
Get new ones ...
Brennan to call.

Bucket situation:
Planet Bean uses buckets
Williams does not use anymore
Michael to go to planet bean and ask.

Members Present