Topics Discussed

Jim Timmins and an Codeshield Workshop - simon_clark

Jim runs Kerry's place and is looking to do a codeshield / arduino workshop.

state of the CodeShield address - mobi_clark

The CodeShield Grande won a Blue Ribbon for Editor's Choice! More importantly, Seth, Matt and Simon made great contacts (such as Massimo Banzi, Dale Dougherty, &c.). There is much interest in developing the codeshield as an educational platform. MakerShed has signed as a distributer, however we're getting to the point where we cannot sell just kits. We need to find a factory and get them made. We need to get an Indiegogo campaign underway.

Diyode electronics - simon_clark

So to make that happen, we would probably have to set up a separate company to commercialize Diyode projects. This would provide a better command structure (less collective, more authoritative) in order to respond faster, and protect Diyode. The board in the process of sorting out details.

Maker Faire Detroit - simon_clark

Coming up July 28th/29th. The booth is free, providing that we do our selling through MakerShed. Anybody interested in attending should email Simon. Simon wants to get the indiegogo campaign underway in order to wrap up the last week or so overlapping with MFD. We'll need to get it launched for 25th of June. Eva, Tony, Seth, Adam, Matt, David and Verdi didn't step back fast enough.

The Magic Schoolbus - simon_clark

Jenny from Guelph Arts Platform (and a schoolbus driver!) wants to build a mobile recording studio / performance space / art gallery in a refurbished schoolbus. She has done some of legal groundwork and has a rough idea of what legal requirements need to be met to convert the bus. Ultimately, this bus would be driven to festivals and/or used for onsite recording. She's looking to park it in the Diyode lot, using Diyode as a resource in rebuilding the bus, and is looking for labour to help. Jenny currently estimates about 6 weeks to obtain and insure the bus, plus whatever time is needed to modify the bus in situ. Potentially a six month project, with completion prior to spring 2014. Jenny could potentially put in 30-40 hours per week. Diyode needs to check with our landlord, but is tentatively positive.

Meeting Notes

Mark is going to the HamFest this Sunday. He will be selling Raspberry Pis and Codeshields. Anybody who would like to help out should talk to him.

Members Present

Adrian Harding, Brennan McKillop, Ken Brown, Simon Clark, Liam Mayes, Verdi Rodrigues-Diamond