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buy lab coats for open house \ science fair type events - John Roberts


discussion about prorating full rent to current tenant in new space - Eva Bodahelyi

has been discussed

Diyode Display Cabinet - John Roberts

If there is space this could be something to consider for the future

mount a suggestion box - Eva Bodahelyi

I'll talk to Lori or Liam about making one

Super Science Saturday report - Eva Bodahelyi

Ken McMillan and Eva did the event. There were lots of kids pretty interest. Arduino and Codeshield had potential future workshop interest. We need more people to staff the event in the future. Gyros, and Mechanical advantage of pulleys also part of demonstration.

Culture Days this coming Saturday - Eva Bodahelyi

Saturday September 29, from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM paper rocket launching, barbecue and site tour

Community Wellbeing Grant - Eva Bodahelyi

Mark and Jaymie went to the meeting last week to get information about this. we may have a chance to get a part of $15,000.

Cliff Gates will write up a proposal for electronics station, to be put into the main floor workshop. He will attach a schematic ans ask for feedback - Eva Bodahelyi

Cliff will sort through our electronics inventory for us

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