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Funding? - simon_clark

James, Eva, Seth and Simon to coordinate.

volunteers to mand booth at Maker Faire - automageek

Mini Maker Faire KW is coming up June 15th. Eva needs two volunteers to set up the booth at ~10am. Adam has tentatively volunteered. Anybody else should get in touch with Eva.

Spelling bee - simon_clark

Rotary club of Guelph is putting on a spelling bee for grown ups on October 24th. They're looking for three volunteers. Ed has volunteered. This is a bit ahead of time as they need to line up sponsors. Bad spellers welcome.

New Quad-Core PC for workshop going live - _zANDER

The PCs are changing... Make sure you have backups of any files

Maker Faire Detroit - simon_clark

Coming up end of July, same weekend as Hillside. Seth, Matt, Tony and Adam have expressed interest in joining Simon.

Maker Faire New York - simon_clark

Coming up in September. Entry form opens in the next few weeks.

CodeShield Indiegogo - simon_clark

Hang around after the meeting if interested.

New Sign Redesign. - tonious

Tyler is coordinating a new sign for the building.

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